Benefits of Cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency Wages

Cryptocurrency Payments


Somewhat idealistic view of the pros/cons of getting your salary in cryptocurrency.

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Benefits of Cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency Wages

When it comes to the collective benefits of cryptocurrency, the divide between enthusiasts and skeptics takes the spotlight. The start of crypto acceptance consisted of a few not so well known online retailers adding Bitcoin as a payment option. Quickly, early adopting business and consumers were intrigued and Google search histories were crowded with terms like ‘how to pay with Bitcoin’. 

Pros of Cryptocurrency as Wages

Buying items with cryptocurrency as a consumer is one thing, but how about getting paid with it? Receiving your weekly or monthly wage is arguably the most basic financial event of your professional life. Many sites, specifically those targeting freelancers are turning to wages available in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As a result of the uplifting demand for Bitcoin payments during the initial bull run in 2017 and 2018, thousands of freelancers have placed crypto payments into their basket of incentives during a job hunt. But what are the benefits of cryptocurrency as wages?

Here are a few to get your gears moving:

  1. Incentive to invest
  2. A growing range of services accepting cryptocurrencies as payment
  3. Near instant payments, regardless of location
  4. Anonymity and privacy

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